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The Informa graphic creates artistic wall reliefs with various professional motifs. The idea of ??producing such art reliefs dates from 1984 by Werner Werner. Since then, such exhibitions have been realized in around 1200 municipalities in Switzerland. The reliefs are produced as genuine Swiss craftsmanship from the best materials and in excellent quality. Through the combination of two different art workmanship, the art of casting and the art of carving, the reliefs could be given an unmistakable and unique charisma.
According to the ancient rules of the art of casting, motifs of all professional genres are cast into forms. A craft that today can only be rarely admired The desired texts, symbols and lettering are carved into the wood according to your sketches or business cards. The art reliefs are used as original advertising media for the tradespeople and are therefore exhibited in a public place. After the exhibition, the individual reliefs are handed over to the customers and adorn their business premises.
Due to the very large request from the various pages, we decided to create a unique and simple search engine with the art relief. Our endeavor was to make the search engine as simple as possible and yet so unique and beautiful. Now that 90% of advertising is perceived by the eye, we believe that advertising on our search engine will be a win for any business.